Regarding the Event

Will exposing the beneficiaries to this Challenge bring unwanted negative attention to them?

MWS have our beneficiaries’ interests at heart and planned this Challenge with close consultation with the staff at our MWS Centres. Centres with more vulnerable beneficiaries have already been excluded in this Challenge.

Beneficiaries at the participating Centres are also given the option to not have their photo/video taken during the Challenge if they opt out. Those who choose to be part of the Challenge will sign the media consent, agreeing to have their photo/video taken and shared on social media.

The themes of this Challenge aims to highlight positive stories from the beneficiaries and not to stories that bring them embarrassment. Participants will be thoroughly briefed with both a written and verbal briefing before they enter the Challenge to ensure that our beneficiaries’ interests are protected throughout the Challenge.

Regarding Eligibility

Who qualifies?

This challenge is open to amateurs between the ages of 13 – 30 years as of 31 Dec 2017, except the employees of MWS and their immediate family members (spouse, parents, siblings, and children).

Do I need to be a Christian and/or a Methodist to participate?

No, we accept participants from all nationalities, races and religions.

Is there an entry fee to join the Challenge?

There is no entry fee. You are, however, expected to commit to the Centre visit date and time that you have registered for.

What if I do not have a personal Instagram account?

You are required to have your personal Instagram account to share the photo/video that you have taken.

Sharing of Instagram account is not allowed. Responses to photos/videos shared on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or SnapChat will also not be considered.

You may sign up for an Instagram account here – https://www.instagram.com

Can I do more than just take photos or videos of the beneficiaries?

You are encouraged to interact with our staff and beneficiaries during your visit. However, you are not expected to conduct a volunteering activity or give gifts/food to the beneficiaries.

Do seek permission from MWS before you decide on doing anything that is outside the scope of ILC 2017. You may email us at ilc@mws.sg if in doubt.

Regarding Sign Ups

I want to go to the Centre with a group of students/friends. Can I do a group registration?

Please email MWS at ilc@mws.sg to state your request so that we can make a special arrangement for you.

What if I need to change the date of my Centre visit after signing up?

For changes to your registered slot, you may email us at ilc@mws.sg to inform us of the alternative date and Centre you wish to change to. You may only select from the remaining Centre visit options that are available on the website.

I can only make it for a part of the Centre visit slot that I selected, and not the full duration. How?

Proceed to register the slot that you are available for. Any pre-arranged changes to your visit timing e.g. reaching later or leaving earlier, please inform us at ilc@mws.sg.

How would I know my registration has been successful?

An email will be sent to you to confirm that your registration has been successful. You should receive the email 3 – 5 working days after registering on our website. If you do not hear from us, please email us at ilc@mws.sg.

Can I visit other Centres that are not listed in the Sign Up form for ILC 2017?

No, only the specified Centres at the specific dates and times are open for ILC 2017. Please do not contact the Centres directly to specially arrange a visit for yourself.

Regarding Centre Visit

How should I prepare for the Centre Visit?

Download the   to take note of what to expect at the Centres.

What kind of photography or videography equipment can I use?

The editing of photo(s) and/or video(s) is strictly not permitted, save for (a) basic touch-ups using the features available with your mobile phone’s camera and (b) Instagram filters to enhance your photo(s) and/or video(s). You are not allowed to edit or enhance your photo(s) and/or video(s) using any other application or software including, without limitation, Adobe Photoshop. Additionally, no manipulation of photos and videos through the adding or removing of subjects is allowed.

What do I do when I arrive at the Centre?

When you arrive at the Centre, head to the admin office to register your attendance and inform them that you are at the Centre for ILC 2017. Wait for the centre staff to give you further instructions.

Do refrain from setting out on your own to take photos/videos of beneficiaries present, as not all beneficiaries have media clearance.

What are the restrictions on taking photo/video of the beneficiaries?

Refer to the Terms and Conditions to find out the restrictions of taking photo/video at the Centres. On the day of your visit, our Centre Staff will conduct a briefing with the participants again to further highlight other photo/video restrictions.

What if I accidentally took a photo or video of a beneficiary without media consent? Could the back or side shot of such a beneficiary be used?

When in doubt, show your photo or video to the Centre Staff and ask for their permission if it can be used.

How could I take a better photo or video of the beneficiaries?

You are encouraged to interact with the beneficiaries to get to know their stories. You may capture shots of them participating in the Centre activity or during your personal interaction with them.

Before you photograph or film them, you may gently remind them that you are taking a photo/video of them. If they respond negatively, respect their request and do not continue.

Regarding Photo and Video Submission

Can I submit a photo/video as a Picture of Hope and as a Picture of Warmth at the same time?

No, the photography themes are tied to the beneficiary group that you visited. For instance, Picture of Hope applies solely to photos of the disadvantaged children taken at D’Joy Children Centre and Picture of Warmth applies solely to the photos taken of the socially isolated seniors at the Senior Activity Centre. For more details, please refer to the Challenge Themes.

What are the sizes and formats?

Submitted photographs must have a file size of no more than 2 MB per image file. The recommended file format is JPEG/minimum 72 dpi.

A submitted video work should be between 20 to 60 seconds. We accept video format in MOV or MP4. The file size should not exceed 40MB.

Do label your photos/videos accurately as per the instructions on Submission page.

When can I post my photo/video on Instagram?

You may post your photo/video on Instagram any time after you have taken them. The deadline for Instagram posting and photo/video submission is 31 July 2017, 2359 hrs. Please refer to the Event Timeline under Entry Rules for more details.

What if I post my photo/video on Instagram but did not manage to upload it on the Submission page in time?

A submission is only considered successful if the photo(s) and video(s) are posted on Instagram and uploaded to our website before 31 July 2017, 2359hrs.

Will I be notified when my photo/video submission is successful?

Yes, you will receive an email confirmation from us if the photo/video that you submitted is successfully received by MWS.

Can a group submit a work together?

For group submissions, only the name of the registered participant will appear on the entry, so any prizes awarded will go to the registered participant, not to the group. MWS will not be involved in any dispute regarding the distribution of award prize.

Can I use more than one Instagram accounts to share my photo/video?

No, we will only consider the entries on the Instagram account that you filled in on your Sign Up form. Entries that are submitted through unregistered Instagram accounts or other user accounts will be void.

Can I tag the beneficiaries in the photo/video that I upload?

No, you should not ask the beneficiaries for their social media accounts.

Must my photo/video caption only be in English?

For a fair assessment across all entries, your caption should only be in the English language.

What happens if I get a notification from MWS to remove my photo/video from Instagram?

MWS will inform you to remove your photo/video from Instagram if the photo/video content is inappropriate or when the photo/video attracts inappropriate comments.

To delete photo/video: https://help.instagram.com/289302621183285

To delete comments: https://help.instagram.com/289098941190483